‘MCU’ Fan Theory Suggests Loki Still Hunts The Infinity Stones While Working For The TVA

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans haven’t seen the last of the Infinity Stones. That’s at least what one theory is suggesting. A popular fan theory has sprouted over on Reddit, with the publisher detailing an elaborate plotline for the upcoming Loki series on Disney Plus. Redditor TheMediocreCritic is proposing a plotline that says Loki will work for the TVA (Time Variance Authority), the clandestine organization hinted at in the series’s recent trailer, while he secretly hunts for the Infinity Stones.

Captain America famously returned all the stones to their proper timelines in the past at the end of Avengers: Endgame. The story revolving around the elemental crystals is seemingly over in the MCU, with their saga ending with Endgame. Loki will still be enamored with possessing them and will do what he can to acquire them while traveling through the past and future, the theory states.

TheMediocreCritic explained how Loki will work with the TVA after his capture, which was also shown in the trailer.

“The TVA asks Loki to perform a series of timeline fixes to ‘close’ or repair other broken or rogue timelines in the form of crimes, heists, or assassinations in exchange for being placed back in his original timeline,” part of the proposal reads.

The TVA is an agency that regulates timelines and intervenes when necessary to change events. Loki will essentially be contracted by them to change some of the events they deem necessary. In return, he will go back to his original time in the present day. While he travels working for the agency, he will have the chance to nab some of the stones, something he will be unable to stay away from, according to the post.

Loki is the God of Mischief for a reason, sot it’s very likely he’ll have a few tricks up his sleeve while running through the past. The theory also alleges he might not be able to acquire any of the stones, as the TVA will always pull him back in just before he gets his grasp on them.

“It all leads back to Loki rejoining the main MCU timeline and back into the films. Loki rejoining the MCU opens up a fantastic, though heartbreaking, arc with his brother Thor. The last time Thor saw his brother, they buried the hatchet and became allies and brothers again.”

Tom Hiddleston never mentioned retiring from his beloved Marvel character, meaning he will likely show up in future films. He currently is not rumored to be in Thor: Love and Thunder, but this new show could be the catapult that gets him there.

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