Sharon Stone Asks Demi Moore’s Daughter, Tallulah Willis, To Eat More In Response To Swimsuit Photo

Tallulah Willis showed her support for a supermodel’s swimwear brand in her latest Instagram update, and her post had actress Sharon Stone expressing concern over her thin frame.

Tallulah, 26, is the daughter of two iconic stars who have both worked with Sharon, 62, in the past. Her mother, Demi Moore, 58, appeared alongside the actress in the 2006 movie Bobby, while her father, Bruce Willis, 65, shared the screen with her in Alpha Dog, another 2006 release. After seeing her former co-stars’ daughter modeling a black swimsuit on Instagram, the Basic Instinct star decided to reach out to her in the comments section.

“Please consider eating a bit more We are all pushed to be so thin as if that is the ultimate beauty You are beautiful It’s not about size,” she wrote.

In the photo that Tallulah shared, she wore a black maillot from model Helena Christensen’s fashion brand, Stærk & Christensen. The piece featured a distinctive wave cutout on the bust and high-cut sides that displayed her slender legs. Her chin-length brunette hair was slicked back. She wasn’t alone as she posed outside in front of a chaise lounge — the animal lover was photographed turning to look at a tiny gray puppy that she held up in one hand.

Tallulah isn’t shy about showing off her petite physique in skimpy swimwear in her social media snaps. However, last December, she did admit that she thought she looked too skinny in a two-piece bathing suit. In an IG post that can be viewed here, she wrote that she was possibly making an unconscious “misstep” by sharing a photo of her bared body. She also confessed that she could be “considered underweight” and was going to make an effort to gain some pounds in 2020. However, she informed her followers that she was not going to apologize for her size at the time.

Tallulah’s Instagram followers were divided over Sharon’s message advising her to eat more. Some of them decried it as inappropriate and potentially harmful, and she was also criticized for commenting on Tallulah’s weight in a public forum instead of reaching out to her privately. However, others argued that her heart was in the right place.

“Such an inappropriate thing to say. You don’t know the struggles she may be facing. Comments like these tend to exacerbate these feelings. Shame on you!!!” read one message.

“If you have someone to say to someone and are concerned about them, a DM is much more constructive than a public comment. This is so rude,” wrote another Instagrammer.

“Thank you for reaching out! Sometimes people need to hear it – I really doubt someone this big is trying to make her feel bad – she knows the pressures and wishes her better,” a third person commented.

Tallulah has spoken about struggling with an eating disorder in the past. In a 2014 video for Stylelikeu, she blamed the tabloids’ treatment of her for contributing to her body dysmorphia.

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