Spoilers For Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’: Scott’s Rattled, Franco’s Asking Questions, & Liesl Needs Help

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday’s show tease that Franco will take the next step in trying to resolve his latest crisis and Scott will face a surprise of sorts. Liesl will be popping up in the December 10 show as well, and she’ll seemingly be pretty anxious about something.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Scott will be confused or stunned when he runs into somebody unexpected. He’s said to be far away from home when this happens, and he’ll see someone he knows but wouldn’t have anticipated seeing.

Who does Scott run into? That much isn’t clear yet, although General Hospital teasers seem to hint that it could be Liesl.

Kevin arranged for Franco to go to Geneva to see a specialist there, and Scott was slated to go with him. Scott certainly wouldn’t expect to see anybody he knows while in Geneva.

Running into anybody familiar would surely come as a shocker to Scott. However, if it does end up being Liesl, that’ll certainly leave him especially stunned.

The last that people in Port Charles saw of Liesl, she was being carted away from the jail at the PCPD. General Hospital viewers know that she’s out and somehow engineering the mission revolving around Dante’s return to Port Charles.

Liesl used Dante’s doctor to set Dante up to investigate Peter. General Hospital spoilers signal that these seemingly separate situations, Franco’s issue and Liesl’s quest, may now intersect.

The General Hospital sneak peek shared via Twitter confirms that Liesl will be seen during Thursday’s show. She will be with Dr. Kirk and urge him to see somebody.

Could it be Franco she wants the doctor to see? Is Dr. Kirk the specialist that Kevin wanted Franco to meet with while in Geneva? It certainly sounds like it might be. Franco will apparently meet with the specialist and be asking questions as he works through the possibilities.

As these intriguing interactions play out, General Hospital teasers suggest that Scott will soon take a swing at Kirk. The weekly sneak peek shows Scott hitting someone, and it appeared to be Liesl’s accomplice who was on the receiving end.

All of those tidbits would seem to hint that things will get intense and wild in Switzerland. Franco hearing Peter’s voice seems to signal that he might be regaining Drew’s memories again. If that is the case, Franco might end up exposing some of the massive secrets that Peter has gone to great lengths to keep hidden.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that these upcoming interactions will get fans buzzing. It looks like bombshells will be dropping over the next couple of episodes and viewers cannot wait to see how this all comes together.

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