Meghan Markle Is ‘Going Crazy’ Over Losing The Limelight, British Radio Host Claims

A British radio host has claimed that Meghan Markle is “going crazy” over the fact that she is not receiving much press while Prince William and Kate Middleton have won headlines during their three-day tour of the United Kingdom.

As was covered by The Daily Express, TalkRADIO presenter Mike Graham made the comments to royal biographer Angela Levin. The topic first came up after the pair noted that the Sussexes appeared to leak details about their hope to start their own awards list on the first day of the Cambridges’ journey.

Graham claimed that the Duchess of Sussex was likely the driving factor behind the decision to release those details because he believed that Prince Harry would be happy to relinquish the spotlight.

“I get the sense that Harry if he wasn’t with her would be quite happy to disappear from view and quite happy to live a relatively quiet life,” he said.

However, the radio host said he was under the impression that the former Suits star was much more conscious about her level of fame.

“But she can’t bear that,” he continued, going on to claim that the focus on the Cambridges would likely make the duchess angry.

“She will be driven even madder today by seeing William and Kate doing a three-day UK tour; travelling by train and meeting people,” he added.

“They will be all over the papers this week. That will make her crazy,” he concluded.

As was previously covered by The Inquisitr, Prince William and Kate recently embarked on a tour through England, Scotland, and Wales to thank health and essential workers for their hard work during the pandemic.

Levin, who has previously written a biography on the Duke of Sussex, appeared to agree with the statements before adding her critique for the ex-royal duo’s plan to create their own humanitarian awards. The author said that the move looked as if the pair were competing with the queen, who similarly hands out honors such as knighthoods and damehoods.

“I actually think that to try and compete with Her Majesty the Queen’s honours list is like children playing mummies and daddies,” she said.

“It’s just not possible. They’re nowhere near the rank,” she concluded.

The talk show host’s comments come just days after an anti-monarchist British CEO claimed that the Montecito-based couple were “desperate” to stay famous, which was the reason behind the duke and duchess’ decision to hire 12 public relations experts to revamp their image.

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