Sam & Jason Call It Quits On ‘General Hospital,’ & Fans Have Plenty To Say About It

General Hospital viewers had a hunch that Wednesday’s episode would be a rough one for fans of Jason and Sam. It had seemed as if the pair might be headed for a split, and that happened during the December 9 show. Is this really it for “JaSam”?

The explosion at the Floating Rib seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back in Sam’s eyes. Jason was the target of the incident and Danny could have been killed. Learning that Julian was involved seemed to just add insult to injury for Sam.

She had talked with Carly about her concerns, and she seemed to gain valuable insight after talking with both Josslyn and Danny. As Jason prepared to leave with Sonny to deal with issues out of town, Sam told him not to come back to the penthouse.

A difficult and emotional conversation ensued, and the two tearfully ended their relationship. Even though everybody saw this coming, many were unhappy with the development.

“NO ONE can make me cry like they can. I don’t love some of the reasoning but this dialogue is on point. You can feel the love radiating between them,” one General Hospital fan said on Twitter.

Some General Hospital viewers are already starting to speculate about potential romantic pairings for both Sam and Jason. The writers have seemingly been testing the potential chemistry between Jason and Britt, and others have wondered about a Sam and Brando coupling. However, not everybody is willing to let go of JaSam so easily.

“Wtf is this writing?!?! It makes zero sense. 2 months ago nothing would keep them apart and now she wants out?!?! Get it together writers!!!! You are ruining #jasam!” a frustrated fan tweeted.

Plenty of General Hospital fans used this opportunity to plead for the return of Billy Miller’s Drew Cain. Billy’s exit did seem rather open-ended, in that he supposedly died in a plane crash and no remains were found.

At this point, there are no spoilers suggesting that Drew is set to be brought back. However, a move like that could certainly fit with these latest developments.

Quite a few viewers also pointed out that breaking up doesn’t necessarily accomplish that much. Sam and Danny will probably always be targeted when mob-related drama escalates, considering their ties to Jason.

“This is not who Sam is. Breaking up after he stuck by her through the Shiloh mess is ridiculous. Sam brings danger also so that’s not enough reason. Writers please let them be happy! 2020 has been bad enough lol,” another Twitter user added.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Sam will have more issues with Alexis this week and she’ll soon confide in Carly. Jason will be off with Sonny working on these latest issues, and General Hospital spoilers don’t appear to hint at a reunion for the couple anytime soon.

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