Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Dante Faces Questions From Anna & Finn Seemingly Disappoints Maxie

New General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Thursday, December 10 indicate that viewers will see a fair amount of both Anna and Finn. Their wedding day is supposedly just around the corner, but there seem to be a few loose ends to deal with first.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Dante will spend some time with Anna during the next show. The two will aim to catch up with one another, but the General Hospital sneak peek for December 10 suggests that there might be some tough questions on the way.

At this point, Dante believes that he was sent back to Port Charles on a mission from the WSB. He’s been tasked with figuring out the truth about Peter, and he’s flying solo at this point.

Anna obviously has no idea that Dante is working to expose Peter. In fact, she doesn’t know much at all about the experiences that Dante had while he was in Geneva. The General Hospital preview reveals that she’ll ask about his experiences there, but she may not get many answers.

Dante might feel that he can open up to Anna to an extent, given her WSB ties. However, he surely won’t reveal anything about Peter or that he’s supposedly on a mission. Will he manage to get through this conversation without her beginning to suspect anything?

Even if Anna were to suspect that Dante’s investigating Peter, she wouldn’t be able to figure out the full situation. Unfortunately, what Dante doesn’t realize is that it’s not the WSB who gave him this mission. Somehow, Liesl managed to make this happen and she’s determined to destroy Peter.

As Dante and Anna chat, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Maxie will have a moment to talk with Finn. She approached Anna earlier this week about the possibility of doing a double wedding, and it looks like she’s ready to get this plan fully into place.

Anna wasn’t keen on the idea, but she didn’t say no. Now, it seems that Maxie may assume that she can move forward on pursuing this, just to have Finn squash the idea.

The General Hospital sneak peek for Thursday reveals that Maxie will sound hurt as she asks Finn if he’s saying no. That certainly seems fairly likely to be about the wedding situation.

General Hospital teasers note that Finn will find himself caught in an unexpected situation of some sort. It seems probable that it’s this conversation with Maxie that this spoiler is about.

Obrecht will pop up during Thursday’s episode, and General Hospital spoilers seem to suggest she’ll be back in the thick of things for at least a few episodes.

Viewers are anxious to see Peter dealt with once and for all, and it sounds as if that time might finally be on the horizon. Dante’s after him, Franco’s having memories related to things Peter has said, and Obrecht’s determined to exact revenge.

How soon will karma finally catch up to Peter? General Hospital fans cannot wait to find out.

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