Morrissey Might Use Kickstarter To Fund His New Album

Amanda Palmer has suggested that Morrissey should use Kickstarter, or another crowdsource, to fund his new album.

The former Dresden Dolls singer is obviously a huge Morrissey fan, and she has written an open letter for Salon, suggesting that he should look at an alternative source to create any new record.

Palmer stated,” You [Morrissey] have some of the most fanatical fans in the world; caring and devoted people from countries far and wide who would be really, really happy to support you at levels far beyond $5 just to have the one songs in their ears.”

She then added, “You’re possibly one of the best candidates on the planet to use crowd funding, because of who you are and what you mean.”

Previously Palmer had asked her Twitter followers how many of them would pay $5 to fund a Morrissey album, which would only be available online. She then received over 1,400 response stating their interest.

Palmer then suggested that Morrissey doesn’t need a record label anymore, and even remarked that they are now obsolete.

“What does one need a record label for nowadays?,” said Palmer. “To put albums in stores? The stores are closing. To make all the phone calls, so that the radio plays the album? The radio stations are closing. The good outlets with human beings programming them (non-commercial radio, college, the BBC) will probably just download the record if it’s good, and play it.”

Palmer though doesn’t think that Morrissey will actually go through with it though.

She concluded her letter, “Since I know you almost definitely won’t do this and that you may well think I’m a bothersome a**whole for writing you this open letter, I’d just like to say this, You may be the end of a family line, but you have spawned a lot of singing, songwriting children, whether you like it or not, and I proudly count myself as one of them.”

What do you think of Palmer’s letter?

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