Madonna, 62, Rocks Bright Orange Hair As She Gets Her First Tattoo

Madonna, 62, shocked fans with bright orange hair in a new photo shared to Instagram where she revealed she got her first tattoo. The ink, which is located on her left wrist, contains the first initials of all of her children. It reads “LRDMSE.” This stands for Lourdes, 24; Rocco, 20; David, 15; Mercy, 14; Stelle, 8; and Estere, 8.

She shared a slideshow of nine images which were taken at West Hollywood’s Shamrock Social Club where she was inked by an artist named East, who was seen in the snaps.

In the caption of the post, she referenced her 1984 hit “Like a Virgin,” altering the lyrics to reflect her new body art.

The first photo showed the singer, songwriter, and actress as she consulted with East prior to getting inked for the first time. The two sat across from one another. Both wore masks as he held her left arm extended toward him and looked at the area Madonna wanted to be marked. The legendary pop singer wore a plaid coat with a multicolored design atop it and bright orange tresses.

In the second pic, she and the artist worked out a visual of her idea. He held a white pad in front of him as he sketched it out on paper. A subsequent photo showed Madonna’s arm outstretched on the tattoo table prior to the design being put on it.

Madonna took snaps of the interior of the space, which included artwork of different types of tattoos, an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and a small poster of the band Social Distortion. A religious statue was seen next to a sketch pad that had several pencils attached and a drawing of a rose.

The singer was seen as she lay on the table, her arm extended alongside her as East did his best work. After that, she shared the finished product. The lettering was done in capital letters in a typewriter typeface.

The final image was of a late 1960s model, yellow Buick which was parked outside of the shop.

Fans were thrilled at the news that Madonna had taken a leap of faith to have a design permanently affixed to her body.

“First for everything but, very beautiful and a symbol of love and pride of your children,” wrote one supporter.

“You may get addicted, a lovely tribute,” penned a second admirer.

“Tattoos work best with a strong meaning behind them, being so permanent,” claimed a third Instagram user.

“You are too adorable,” remarked a fourth fan.