‘Bioshock Infinite’ DLC Character Announced

Bioshock Infinite is getting its first round of DLC in a new AI companion character.

Bioshock Infinite is one of the best-selling titles of the year thus far, trailing only behind Injustice: Gods Among Us and Dead Island: Riptide. The game gave us a mind-job of a plot alongside an improved combat system, and gamers everywhere loved the entire idea of the alternate realities involving an NPC named Elizabeth and a monster called the Songbird. Elizabeth was able to cross between realities due to a sacrifice she made, and she ended up being integral to your story as a result of it.

A new character is expected to either accompany or replace Elizabeth in Bioshock Infinite. Not much is known about this new DLC character other than that a 2K Games developer Michael Shahan has hinted at “DLC1” on his LinkedIn page. Possibilities may be endless, as complex as Booker DeWitt’s story is. Companion characters could be Frank Fontaine of the original BioShock (tying an end scene a little bit closer to the plot) or Daisy Fitzroy, the fiery leader of Vox Populi. It is not yet known if this new AI companion character will help Elizabeth or replace her altogether, or what may happen to the game as a result.

More DLC is expected to include additional stories, more characters, and new abilities and weapons. It may be that you’re going to be given more options for alternate realities, changing everything as a result.

Specifics are unknown, but this won’t stop Bioshock Infinite fans from drawing their own conclusions and speculations as to what we can expect.

Speculation involving the possibility of Frank Fontaine replacing Elizabeth could be that after you beat the game, you find yourself waking up in Rapture and you startle a Little Sister, giving you one final showdown with an original Big Daddy. A lot of ideas are floating around, and we’ll know as soon as 2K Games releases the facts and the release date.

Who do you think Bioshock Infinite‘s new AI companion character may be?

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