AEW News: New Development Hints At Sting Wrestling In The Company

The wrestling community has been wondering what Sting’s role will be in AEW following the news that he’s signed a multi-year deal with the company. The speculation has been that he’ll serve in a managerial role, but “The Icon” could still become an active in-ring competitor.

As documented by Inside the Ropes, Sting is listed as a wrestler on the company’s website’s roster page. His graphic shows a win-loss record, which tends to only apply to competitors. The personalities who feature on television regularly but don’t compete aren’t given these types of illustrations on the promotion’s site.

The news might come as a shock to some fans considering that Sting was forced to retire through injury in 2015. He was injured in a match against Seth Rollins, and he announced that it’d be his last one shortly afterward.

However, it is believed that he’s keen on competing in cinematic matches. As The Inquisitr reported earlier, one of the reasons why he reportedly rejected an offer to extend his WWE stay was because Vince McMahon refused to book his dream showdown against The Undertaker.

According to the report, he wanted to face “The Phenom” in a cinematic outing. Wrestling aficionados have longed to see both legends square off for decades, but the WWE chairman reportedly didn’t find the prospect appealing.

The Inquisitr report also highlighted that Tony Khan is wary of the legend taking any bumps, though it’s possible that Sting is healthy enough for some physical interactions again. At 61 years old, however, it’s unlikely that he’ll be a full-time wrestler.

Cinematic matches, meanwhile, are always a possibility. AEW has booked two of them in the past, so it’s clear officials are open to the prospect. Having Sting feature in bouts of this ilk can also allow him to participate in a contest without having to take any bumps.

Given that Sting didn’t get to retire on his own terms, he may be interested in one more run. Regardless of what his plans are, fans can expect to see him make a meaningful contribution to his new employer’s product.

As The Inquisitr article pointed out, WWE’s disinterest in having Sting appear on television on a regular basis also led to him wanting to leave the promotion.

AEW, on the other hand, is known to feature their legends in meaningful roles. Sting wants to put his talents to good use, and his appearances are bound to attract more wrestling fans from back in the day.

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