‘Zero Hour,’ ‘Do No Harm’ Episodes Will Air This Summer

Unaired episodes of Zero Hour and Do No Harm are currently on the broadcast schedule for this summer.

Although both dramas were canceled within weeks of hitting the airwaves, fans who felt ripped off when the shows were yanked will be able to find closure very soon. ABC and NBC are expected to air the programs within the next few months.

The remaining episodes of Zero Hour are currently scheduled to hit ABC on June 15. Things will kick off with two back-to-back episodes at 8 pm. After that, one show will air each until the network’s inventory has been depleted. The finale will air on August 3.

The show starred Anthony Edwards as a man who is attempting to find the people responsible for kidnapping his wife. His quest to unravel the mystery unearths something that could put the entire world in harm’s way. Unfortunately for fans, the series was yanked after only three episodes.

Do No Harm, a modern retelling of the Jekyl & Hyde story, is also headed back to the small screen this summer. NBC will air the remaining episodes beginning June 29 at 10 pm. The show was pulled after only two episodes, so fans will have plenty to keep them busy over the summer months.

Both Zero Hour and Do No Harm were canceled by their respective networks after failing to find an audience right out of the gate. Instead of waiting to see if word-of-mouth would bring people into the fold, the shows had their plugs pulled shortly after the first broadcast.

To be fair, Zero Hour received the lowest ratings for a scripted series when it debuted on ABC. NBC didn’t have much luck with Do No Harm either; the show was widely ignored after getting panned by critics.

Are you planning to catch the unaired episodes of Zero Hour and Do No Harm this summer?

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