Pop Beauty Charli XCX Wears Tiny Shorts & Sits With Legs Spread Apart While Celebrating Latest Award Win

Popstar Charli XCX took to Instagram earlier today and shared a collection of mirror selfies with her 3.6 million followers. The singer was in a celebratory mood at the time as well.

In the snaps, Charli sat on the floor with an award trophy on display According to the hitmaker, she won Variety‘s Innovator of the Year prize along with A.G. Cook, and she was over the moon with the accolade.

The curvaceous beauty wore a pair of tiny black shorts and a matching sweater for the occasion. In the first picture, she sat in front of the mirror with her legs spread apart while smiling for the camera.

The second image saw Charli holding her glass trophy in the air while sitting slightly to the side. The singer was smiling once again, though she also appeared to be fully focused on capturing the photo on her phone.

Charli showed off her goofier side for the third picture. She sat with her enviable legs pushed together and held the prize high in the air. Her face boasted a more dramatic and emotional expression to convey her joy. It’s also possible that she was singing at the time.

The fourth snap depicted Charli sitting in a similar position, only with the trophy held closer to her head. However, the next — and final — image saw her return to her original sitting position. For this snap, however, she rolled one of her eyes to the back of her head and made a funny face.

In the accompanying caption, Charli expressed her gratitude for winning and claimed that she was trying to look cute in the photos. Judging by the reaction from her fans, she appeared to have succeeded in her mission.

The selfie selections have gained over 35,000 likes as of this writing. Many of the hitmaker’s fans also took to the comments section to congratulate her and give her compliments.

“I love you so much,” stated one of her Instagram admirers.

“Super cute, congrats,” wrote a second Instagrammer.

“So proud of you superstar popstar,” gushed a third Instagram user.

Charli also showcased some of the innovation that’s earned her heaps of critical acclaim earlier this week. As The Inquisitr previously documented, she took to social media and shared a picture of her relaxing in a mysterious room that signified the afterlife.

The singer has had an incredible year, having released a critically acclaimed album and some glamorous merchandise.

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