Tom Bergeron Responds To Fans Who Say They Won’t Watch ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Until He Returns

Tom Bergeron, who hosted Dancing with the Stars for 28 seasons until being unceremoniously fired alongside co-host Erin Andrews in the summer of 2020, responded to fans who claimed they would not watch the series until he returns. He made a pointed statement in a new interview with TV Guide Magazine, his first since exiting the show, that quickly dashed viewers’ hopes for a return to the ballroom.

He posted a link on Twitter to the interview. In it, he explained that while he appreciated the love and support he had been given over the past six months by longtime viewers of DWTS, they should understand that part of his television career is effectively over.

“When people say, ‘I’m not gonna watch until you’re back,’ I say, ‘Well, there’s really no “until” here.’ This train has left the station,” he remarked.

“I appreciate the sentiment. [But] I don’t hold it against anybody if they [watch].”

He also believed that Dancing with the Stars would have been where he finished his hosting career, which has spanned 30 years thus far. However, he would have liked to have left on his own terms instead of the way his tenure abruptly ended.

Tom went deeper into his experience with DWTS. He discussed why it had been so successful, which was the chance to see others challenge themselves in a way they never had done before – live for the world to view. He explained that there was a humanizing factor in celebrities trying something new. For the most part, he said, it was people trying to do a job well and learning to deal with the insecurities that many have when going outside their comfort zone.

He spoke about his long relationships with both the cast and crew of the ABC reality competition dance series over the years. Tom cited the friendships he had both on and off camera with those involved in the production and revealed he would throw mid-season parties for the cast and staff as a way to show solidarity.

Several of his followers took to Twitter to share their feelings regarding his statements.

“I understand that train has left the building but surely hope another even better train brings you back to us! Happy Holidays to the BEST!” wrote one fan in a tweet.

“Any TV show would be lucky to have you as a host!!” a second follower claimed tweeted.

“You are greatly missed Tom Thank you for so many years of great television on DWTS,” penned a third Twitter user.

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