‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Faces Sharing Bad News With Sam As She Questions Living The Mob Life

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday’s episode suggest that there will still be a lot of drama swirling throughout Port Charles in the aftermath of the explosion at the Floating Rib. Julian jumped off of the parapet at Wyndemere, but there are still plenty of loose ends remaining for his friends and foes to handle.

The General Hospital sneak peek shared via Twitter reveals that Sonny and Jason will face a difficult decision. At this point, they know Julian jumped off the parapet rather than face them or Ava. They haven’t found his body, but they’ll start considering what comes next regardless.

The preview shows Sonny telling Jason that Sam needs to know about Julian’s role in the explosion. Jason and Danny were nearly caught up in the blast, and Sam’s own father is the one who detonated the bomb.

Sam has been at odds with her father for some time anyway. However, learning that Julian nearly killed her son might be more than she can handle.

She is already struggling with the life she’s living. She has voiced doubt about staying with Jason knowing how dangerous this mob-related world can be. General Hospital spoilers signal that she’ll be talking about this yet again with Carly during Wednesday’s show.

Carly has pointed out that Sam already chose this life some time ago. Carly has become accustomed to what it means to build a life with Sonny, so she doesn’t necessarily panic when a fresh mob war develops.

The General Hospital preview suggests that Carly and Sam will butt heads over this issue again, and Josslyn’s name will be brought into it. Whatever it is that Sam says or insinuates about Josslyn, Carly will snap and insist that her daughter be left out of this.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Joss will confide in Sam during Wednesday’s show. Whether this talk is about Josslyn’s feelings over Dev’s death or something else, it seems that Carly won’t necessarily appreciate Sam’s input on the situation.

Viewers will see Martin share a document of some kind with Elizabeth, while Franco asks Cameron to take care of something for him. Finn will be rattled by Peter, and Anna will talk with her “son” about Lulu’s medical crisis.

Jordan and Curtis will continue their investigation into Cyrus. General Hospital teasers indicate that Jordan will turn to Portia for help in some sense, and it seems the doctor will step up to help however she can.

In addition, Brando will question Cyrus, and this sounds like it could be a risky decision. General Hospital spoilers have hinted that there are some twists and turns on the way regarding Cyrus, his connection to Martin, and a tie to Laura’s past, and viewers will learn a bit more during this next show.

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