‘The Conners’ Fans Blast Becky’s Bad Attitude As She Clashes With Her New Boss At Wellman Plastics

The Conners fans think one of Roseanne’s kids needs an attitude adjustment.

After Becky (Lecy Goranson) and Darlene (Sars Gilbert) got jobs at their late mom’s former workplace, the local Wellman Plastics, viewers soon found out that the elder Conner daughter was spending large chunks of her day on her phone instead of packaging plastic.

In the episode “Friends in High Places and Horse Surgery,” viewers met Wellman supervisor Robin, played by Alexandra Billings. The new boss was chummy enough with Darlene to score an invite to the Conner house for dinner, but she clashed with Becky big-time — and even sent her a write-up from the dinner table.

A new synopsis for the upcoming episode “Protest, Drug Test and One Leaves the Nest” posted by ABC revealed that Becky will lead a protest at work, which could lead to another clash with her boss.

A photo shared on the official Conners Instagram page showed the single mom confronting Robin while standing in her office. In the caption, it was teased that “nothing” will stop the outspoken Conner daughter from sticking up for herself – even against her boss.

But in the comments section, viewers were confused by Becky’s behavior. Some noted she already has three write-ups after spending 45 minutes of company time checking in on her baby, Beverly Rose, every day and that she should already be fired by now.

“Standing up for what exactly? That her boss wants her WORKING while on company time?” one viewer asked.

“Becky needs to stand up at her work station and work,” another added.

“She has no grounds. Do your job and get over it,” a third fan wrote.

“Robin is a good boss. Becky is a spoiled brat, who needs to STFU and do her job,” a fourth person chimed in.

A few other commenters wondered if Becky will “stand up” to her boss the way her mom Roseanne (Roseanne Barr) stood up to her own supervisor Faber (Fred Dalton Thompson ) three decades ago when she worked at the local plastics factory. A few also wondered why hunky Booker Brooks (George Clooney) was no longer the supervisor for the assembly line employees.

The resurrection of Wellman Plastics has drummed up feelings of nostalgia for fans of the original Roseanne series, which originally aired on ABC from 1988 to 1997. Earlier this season, a previous Conners episode even featured the return of Roseanne’s former co-worker, Juanita Herrera (played by Evelina Fernandez).

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