‘General Hospital’ Spoilers & Scheduling Scoop: Lulu Fights For Her Life As Laura & Dante Face Heartbreak

General Hospital spoilers hint that there is more heartbreak on the way that stems from the bomb Julian detonated at the Floating Rib. Unfortunately, viewers will not get any additional answers until Monday, due to network preemptions on Thursday and Friday.

As SheKnows Soaps details, an encore episode of General Hospital will air Thursday on ABC. Everybody will be taken back to the December 23, 2019 show where Michael Easton’s Finn transformed into a version of Ebenezer Scrooge for a take on A Christmas Carol.

On Friday, General Hospital will be preempted due to college football.

There was a lot going on during Wednesday’s show and much of the country missed out on the last couple of minutes. Just before the end of Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, the network cut away from the soap to cover the Thanksgiving speech from President-Elect Joe Biden.

Those last couple of minutes were all about Lulu’s medical crisis. Dante sat by her bedside as she remained in a coma after having surgery in an effort to reduce swelling on her brain.

Dante noted that just before she collapsed, Lulu had been in the middle of telling him something important. He begged her to wake up and finish what she started.

Outside of her room, Lucas updated Laura, Kevin, and Nikolas. While Portia had initially talked with the family about Lulu’s condition, Lucas explained he asked to share the subsequent updates.

Lucas explained that the medical team might have been able to do something if Lulu had received a CT scan right after the explosion. This crushed Laura, who had been with Lulu for some time after the incident and hadn’t insisted that her daughter get checked out right away.

As it stood now, Lucas detailed, the damage to her brain was significant. He cautioned that if Lulu were to come back from this, which was not a certainty, recovery would be difficult and lengthy. He broke the difficult news that they might lose Lulu as a result of this grave injury.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that on Monday, November 30, Laura and Dante will struggle with what comes next. Teasers reveal that they will have different perspectives on something significant, which very well could be about Lulu’s condition and what to do.

Actress Emme Rylan, who has portrayed Lulu for the past several years, has reportedly been let go from General Hospital. What isn’t known at this point is how her character is written out of the soap.

Will Lulu will die as a result of this head injury? Will she remain in a coma or in rough shape and essentially be shipped off to rehabilitation for an indefinite amount of time?

Either way, General Hospital fans will certainly want to have tissues handy during the week of November 30.

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