Connie Britton Says She’d Love To Do A ‘Friday Night Lights’ Movie

Connie Britton recently said that she’d love to do a Friday Night Lights movie.

The actress was one of the many celebrities in attendance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday. When E! Online managed to snag her attention on the red carpet, they asked the Nashville star about the possibility of a movie.

“I would love it to happen. I’m a big supporter of it happening. I don’t know if we will see it or not,” Connie Britton said about the flick.

She continued, “I know it was being written and Peter Berg is really serious about so I think if everybody got on board, I don’t see why we couldn’t have a movie.”

Peter Berg directed the 2004 adaptation of Friday Night Lights. Following the success of that endeavor, he would develop Buzz Bissinger’s novel into a television series for the folks at NBC. Britton starred as Sharon Gaines in the show.

Berg said he was interested in getting the cast back together for movie that would essentially pick up where the series ended. The director stated in 2012 that getting everyone back together would be the biggest hurdle.

He explained that everything would come together “if we can get everyone in the same room at the same time, we all want to do it. We’re not done with ‘Friday Night Lights.'”

Although Connie Britton and Peter Berg seem to think the cast will eventually come back for the Friday Night Lights movie, John Carter star Taylor Kitsch said in a 2012 interview that he wasn’t sure if he wanted to continue the story.

“Pete [Berg] knows this as much as anyone else — I love the way that we ended the character of where he’s at. I love playing him, but I think I want to leave him the way that it is,” the actor explained.

Are you a fan of Connie Britton? Do you think the proposed Friday Night Lights movie will ever happen?

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