Spoilers For Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Sam Has Questions, Brad’s Terrified, & Ava Confronts Julian

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s episode detail that the fallout from the explosion at the Floating Rib will continue. Both Dustin and Dev died in the blast, and Julian has to decide what comes next for him after detonating the bomb.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter lays the groundwork for what comes next. Sam saw Julian at the Floating Rib shortly after the blast, but he didn’t stick around. General Hospital teasers suggest that Sam might pick up on this and find it curious.

The General Hospital preview shows Sam asking Jason why “he” would just take off like that. It seems likely she’s talking about her father here. Apparently, Julian won’t go too far away, as it appears that he’ll run into Ava and she’ll be frantic over hearing about the explosion.

Ava will probably piece all of this together and realize her brother was involved in what happened. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that he’ll ask her for a favor, and on Wednesday, she’ll give him an ultimatum before doing what he’s asking.

The sneak peek for the November 24 show revealed that Maxie would catch up to Lulu after the blast. She’ll learn about Dustin’s death, as well as about the proposal that happened right before the explosion. Maxie will ask Lulu what answer she’d have given Dustin if they hadn’t been interrupted.

General Hospital teasers also indicate that Carly will connect with Brando to tell him about Dev. While Dev wasn’t really Brando’s son, he had taken on pretending he was the teen’s father in order to help his family. Carly will do her best to help Brando navigate this chaotic situation.

Viewers will also see Brad have a big nightmare. He almost lost his life in Pentonville, surely thanks to a hit orchestrated by Cyrus. General Hospital teasers detail that Britt will be by Brad’s side as he walks through the nightmare he had.

Alexis’ drinking will continue during Tuesday’s show as well. Valentin will stay with her as she drowns her sorrows, and he’s the only person she has at this point who accepts her as she is right now.

Dante will cross paths with Peter during the upcoming episode too. Fans know that Dante has been directed to investigate Peter, but that it’s Liesl directing this and not the WSB. The two men haven’t exactly been good buddies anyway, and it doesn’t appear that they’ll be suddenly bonding anytime soon.

Has everybody else survived the blast or could there be more deaths and heartbreak coming? General Hospital spoilers hint that Tuesday’s episode could be a difficult one and fans will not want to miss it.

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