K9 Mask Sees Major Boost From 'Shark Tank' Appearance, Company Now Looks To Expand

K9 Mask left Shark Tank with more than just a new infusion of cash.

The company was featured on the November 20 episode of the ABC reality series, showing off the product that helps dogs stay covered and safe in dangerous climates and amid pollution. The Cinemaholic reported that founder Kirby Holmes first got the idea while spending summers in California with his grandparents and learning to deal with the smoke from wildfires. In 2017, during a particularly bad season, Holmes noticed that people had air filters and face masks on while they were taking walks, and realized that their dogs needed the same.

K9 Mask first grew through a Kickstarter campaign that raised $10,000 while giving more information about what they called the "world's first air filter mask for your dog."

"Wildfire smoke is not the only problem for dogs. Small air particles can get into a dog's lungs where it is absorbed into the blood stream causing long-term health problems," the campaign noted.

With the boost from the funding and some strong reviews from fans, the founders took their unique offering to the ABC show looking to acquire extra funds that would help them grow even more. The product ended up being a big hit on Shark Tank, earning a deal with investor Daymond John, who purchased a 20 percent stake while giving them the cash needed to expand operations.

John took to Twitter after the show aired to brag about the company even more and promote a deal they were offering in conjunction with the episode. The post got a positive reaction, with many praising the innovation of the offering and predicting a bright future for K9 Mask.

"Daymond, living on the West Coast during these fires, I can say this is one drop dead brilliant product filling such a need saving so many lives," one person tweeted. "You & these guys deserve everything you are about to make as in my mind there is no dog lover who would not buy it! Congratulations!"

The company promoted the appearance as well on Twitter and appeared to drum up even more opportunities. The post attracted a response from a user who inquired about selling the mask in their own stores.

It wasn't just social media lighting up due to the innovative design. K9 Mask drew attention across the internet, shooting to the top of Google search trends in the hour after the Shark Tank episode first aired.