‘Beyond: Two Souls’ Official Trailers Highlight Deep Story, Stunning Artwork [Video]

Beyond: Two Souls released their first official trailers at the Tribeca Film Festival last night and those trailers showed off a game that is aiming to have stunning artwork and a deep story running through the game.

Developers Quantic Dream has long wanted to make sure that the games they make are pleasing to the eye and are more than just running and shooting. With Ellen Page and Willem DaFoe playing key parts in the game, this title is certainly actor and story driven.

Beyond: Two Souls actually had a couple of trailers issued as well as a 35 minute long scene from the game. These videos all served to show the story behind the title. That story had been closely guarded until Saturday night.

After seeing the videos, the title looks more like something you would see in an animated movie rather than a video game. The story tells of Jodie Holmes (Ellen Page) character growing up with a family that is clearly scared of some odd abilities the young Holmes begins showing.

The rest of the game takes us through 15 years of Holmes’ life. The two minute plus trailer shows us her trials and tribulations as she seems to become involved in some sort of government agency. Page’s character apparently also finds love, only to eventually feel betrayed and this leads to her going rogue.

The second trailer is used more to introduce Willem Dafoe to the audience. Dafoe plays some sort of doctor who meets Jodie when she is still just a child. The two talk about her special friend (who appears to be the source of her powers) and about the “monsters” who sometimes hurt her.

The two characters seem to have a relationship throughout Jodie’s life as one scene in the first trailer has her calling Dafoe’s character during an especially down period.

Check out the trailers for Beyond: Two Souls and tell us what you think.

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