Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Farrah Abraham Rocks Lacy Mask In Latest Update

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham took some important but also stylish precautions during an outing to the hair salon in her latest Instagram story update.

In several short clips the mother of one posted to her story, Farrah had on a mask with a delicate black lace overlay on it, creating a mysterious look. At the same time, she stayed protected during the service. The face covering had matching loops which stretched across her cheeks and over her ears to secure it, and it protected her chin all the way up to her nose, completely covering her mouth. The fashionable piece made her eyes pop and notably did not muffle her voice at all. Her eye color changed from brown to icy blue throughout her story as she moved her phone around, a change that apparently came from a filter she applied.

Farrah was at the House of Aitous salon in Los Angeles, California, getting her hair done by stylist Prince Of Persia. The salon appeared nearly empty, with several stations and mirrors unattended. Farrah sat in a chair and wore a large black cape around her neck and which draped over her shoulders, protecting her clothing underneath. Her locks fell in damp waves down her back. She was excited because her stylist had the newest hairdryer called the Tocmoc TE10 to give her tamed locks a great blowout.

“The newest hairdryer. Speedy like a jet,” she announced as he got ready to try it out, and her video had a little jet flying back and forth across the screen.

The device was black with a tapered gold tip, and it was much smaller and sleeker than a typical handheld dryer. The hairdresser started the small appliance, and it instantly sounded different compared to a larger one.

“It’s tiny. Oh, it sounds like an airplane,” she continued as the air whooshed out, while the mask-clad man beside her explained the three different speeds and various temperatures, including a cool mode.

Farrah noted how nice and fast it was to get her hair styled and looking great, and he mentioned how lightweight the tool was, which would make it feasible for traveling.

“This is nice, little, and super fast. It’s the fastest blow-dry. It’s so nice. I love how little it is,” the former reality TV star noted.

As she talked, he began styling her mane, and it did seem to start drying quickly while he easily controlled the airflow.

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