San Diego Makes 2024 Olympics Bid Alongside Tijuana

San Diego has made a 2024 Olympics bid that might be one of the most original ideas the committee has ever seen. The city wants to actually host the 2024 games in conjunction with the town of Tijuana.

As a general rule, even if the games will actually span outside the official city limits of a town, there is not a specific acknowledgement that other parts of the host country are being used.

With Rio getting the 2016 games and London having just hosted the 2012 summer events the California towns may feel as though the best way to win a big to bring the games back to the United States is by forming a partnership.

The San Diego 2024 Olympics bid hinges on the committee that will ultimately choose the hosting area overlooking the expected challenges that would arise from trying to actually hold the games in two distinct towns.

That committee has apparently not taken a good hard look at what those challenges might be just yet. U.S. Olympic Committee Chief Executive Scott Blackmun said that he is talking to as many as 10 different cities about hosting and the co-hosting by the two cities was just recently brought to his attention.

San Diego mayor Bob Filner wanted to make it clear that he and his Tijuana counterpart are not just trying to grab a couple of headlines with this bid. “I am very serious about this proposal and clearly the U.S. Olympic Committee is paying attention,” Filner said in a recent release.

It also appears that he committee was taking a look at Filner’s city before he came up with this idea. The mayor says he received a letter asking what his interest might be when it came time to name the location for the 2024 games.

What do you think about the San Diego 2024 Olympics bid?

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