WWE’s Mandy Rose Rocks Tight Tie-Dye Dress & Kisses Her Adorable Goldendoodle Puppy

Mandy Rose delighted her 2.6 million Instagram followers with some puppy love recently. The WWE superstar took to the social media platform and shared a selection of pictures of herself posing with her petite Goldendoodle, Penny Lane.

In the photos, the blond beauty petted the puppy while posing for the stunning snaps. They hung out in a garden that was decorated with chairs, plants, and a light-colored brick wall. It was a sunny day, and Mandy wore some fitting attire for the weather.

In the first picture, Mandy held the furry creature up in the air while the dog licked her face. The blond beauty made a kissing pout with her full lips, clearly enjoying the affection she was receiving from the adorable animal at the time.

The second snap showed Rose cradling the pet in her arms while using the dog to cover the bottom half of her face. The wrestler’s shoulder-length platinum hair hung below her right eye, though the opposite one was visible as she gazed into the camera.

Penny, meanwhile, appeared to be fast asleep. Her fur covered her eyes, but her head had dropped toward the ground while she rested her paw on her owner’s shoulder.

The third photo was similar to the first. Mandy invited the puppy to give her kisses, and she returned the favor with one of her own.

Mandy wore a fitted tie-dye dress with spaghetti straps. The outfit was a mixture of red and blue, with a cut down the right side that showed off some leg. The dress hugged the superstar’s athletic physique, complementing her booty and muscular arms.

In the accompanying caption, Mandy revealed that the dog brings her so much happiness. She also tagged the pooch’s personal Instagram account, which is full of snaps of the Goldendoodle.

The photo was appreciated by Mandy’s fans as well. Over 148,000 hit the like button, and over 1,000 took time out of her day to shower her — and the Goldendoodle — with compliments and emoji.

One Instagram user asked if he and the pooch could “switch places” and followed the question with a cheeky tongue out emoji.

“Mandy the greatest blond,” a second Instagrammer gushed.

The popular WWE beauty has been active on social media recently, much to the delight of her fans. As The Inquisitr recently documented, she previously stunned her admirers with an underwear snap that depicted her lounging on the sofa and sipping a morning coffee.

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