Jane Fonda Gets Honored Alongside Dad Henry Fonda

Jane Fonda is getting a chance this weekend to honor the work of her late father and get some accolades of her own.

The 75-year-old Oscar-winning actress is in Hollywood on Saturday to screen On Golden Pond, the 1981 film she appeared in alongside her dad, Henry Fonda. The tribute is part of the 2013 TCM Classic Film Festival, which honors Henry Fonda.

But Jane Fonda is also getting a tribute of her own — a chance to imprint her hands and feet in concrete outside Hollywood’s Chinese Theatre, right alongside her father’s.

“I am very, very excited,” Jane Fonda said. “I thought probably I would die and this would never happen. I’m just really thrilled that it actually is happening and not only that, but I get to put my hand and footprints right next to my father. … I’m just so happy I’ll probably cry.”

There were high expectations on Jane Fonda from the start. She was born into a prominent Hollywood family, and even had her birth announced in Variety in 1937. During her career Fonda built a large and impressive resume that includes iconic films Barbarella, Cat Ballou, The China Syndrome, and Klute.

After winning two Oscars, three Golden Globes, and an Emmy, Jane Fonda decided to retire at age 50.

After a long break from acting, Jane Fonda returned in 2005 and remains a major player in Hollywood. Recently she’s appeared in The Newsroom and said she would even like to get a television series of her own.

As Jane Fonda was honored on Saturday, she also took the chance to reflect on a long and sometimes maligned career. She became a popular target in the 1970s when her activism against the Vietnam War and trip to the country have off the appearance that she was sympathizing with America’s enemy.

“When you’re younger, you don’t have to put so much time into it, but also I didn’t care that much. I was an activist and I didn’t think so much about how I appeared,” Jane Fonda said. “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve paid more attention to how I dress, how I look, what makeup I use, what skincare products I use… I guess one reason that I put more effort into looking good now is because I think it gives hope to other women. It takes the edge off the fear that young people have of getting older.”

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