‘Bachelorette’ Fans React To Awkward Moment After Clare Crawley Says She’s Ready For Babies With Dale Moss

The Bachelorette fans are reacting to an awkward moment between Clare Crawley and her fiance, Dale Moss, on the most recent episode of the ABC reality show.

Following the couple’s quickie engagement after just two weeks of dating that included only one one-on-one date, host Chris Harrison sat down with them to talk about what’s next for their fast-paced relationship.

“Moving in together? Wedding? What’s up?” Chris asked the couple.

“Babies!” Clare exclaimed.

While Clare was super-excited for their future offspring, Dale had a stunned look on his face. The model hesitated before mumbling something about their future.

The Bachelorette host immediately called Dale out for skipping right over Clare’s comment and asked if they were having a baby first or getting married first. Dale confirmed that marriage would come first, but Clare quickly said, “Whatever happens!”

The 39-year-old hairstylist added that she and her fiance are excited to get to know each other more.

The awkward exchange did no go unnoticed by Bachelorette fans. In the comments section for a pic from the sit-down on the show’s official Instagram page — seen here — viewers reacted to the stunned look on Dale’s face when Clare brought up having a baby.

“The poor guy has been trying to plan his exit strategy since he got backed into a corner and had to propose to her,” one viewer wrote. “Hope they have the therapist on standby for Claire when this implodes. You can see their facial and body expressions are in two totally different time zones.”

“So totally true,” another added. “This is so fake, she acts like a teenager in lust. It was hard to watch… Good grief poor Dale!”

“Who’s going to tell her Dale don’t want no babies,” a third individual chimed in.

“I know so cringe to watch, made me uncomfortable,” a fourth person lamented.

However, others defended the couple. One fan pointed out that Dale has been happily posting about his relationship with Clare on social media and does not at all seem like a man who feels trapped. Another viewer pointed out that at age 39, it is natural for Clare to have babies on the brain because it may not be easy for her to get pregnant if she waits much longer.

Many viewers of the ABC dating franchise were turned off by Clare and her immediate devotion to Dale, which caused her to ignore the other guys on her season. But there were those who commended her for knowing what she wanted and not wasting her other suitors’ time.

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