‘Survivor’ Winner In Jail After Arrest Mix-Up

Survivor winner Kimberly Spradlin landed in jail after an arrest mix-up at the DMV.

The 29-year-old bridal shop owner and Survivor: One World winner found herself behind bars for a few hours earlier this month.

Spradlin was visiting the Department of Motor Vehicles in Texas to officially change her last name after getting married. It was then that a worker noticed Kimberly had a warrant out for her arrest. According to authorities, the Spradlin was wanted for writing bad checks.

The Survivor winner found herself being locked up as a result of the arrest mix-up. She reportedly spent around eight hours behind bars because of the mistake.

It didn’t take too long for authorities to unravel the mystery. Apparently there’s another Kimberly with the same birthday living in the state. Police explained that the warrant was issued in Hale County, Texas.

Unfortunately for Spradlin, no one figured out the mistake until after she posted $1,500 for bail. She is reportedly working with authorities to clear up the mistake. She is also looking to recover the money she spent to get out of jail.

“Be careful at the DMV, [you] never know what’s going to happen. Bring a jacket, its cold in jail,” she joked after the mix-up.

Kim Spradlin was declared the champion of Survivor: One World after she managed to outlast all the other contestants. In addition netting a cool $1 million for winning the competition, she received $100,000 when she was declared the fan favorite during the reunion special.

Survivor Wikia describes Spradlin’s performance on the show as follows:

“Although one of the quieter contestants, Spradlin was the leader of the female alliance that was able to annihilate the men. She was able to maintain strong social relationships with her original tribe mates, and be physically dominating when it came to challenges. Her patience and acceptance of her duplicity earned her the title of Sole Survivor.”

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