Weekly Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Franco Comes Clean With Elizabeth & Finn Fights For Survival

The week of November 9 will be a wild one on General Hospital. Spoilers from a new sneak peek provide a hint of what’s to come, and fans will not want to miss a minute of it.

Franco recently learned that his tumor had returned. Years ago when he had this type of tumor, it prompted him to do unspeakable things. He’s worried he may head down that path again, and until now, he’d been set on keeping this from Elizabeth.

According to the General Hospital preview posted Monday morning via the show’s Twitter page, however, Franco will seemingly change course. It appears that he will be truthful with Elizabeth and admit that his tumor has returned.

She will surely be devastated by this news. Liz will certainly feel determined to help save her husband, and he doesn’t want this to take him down the same path it did before either.

However, Franco already talked with Jason and made him promise to take him out if he starts acting like the last time.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Franco will meet with his father Scott this week. Will he tell Scotty the truth about his medical condition too? In addition, General Hospital spoilers note that Liz will be feeling determined, and this is quite likely to be about her husband’s situation.

General Hospital teasers also promise plenty of drama related to Finn. Alex shot him and his condition seemed dire. While there are signs that he will pull through this, the weekly sneak peek suggested that it might not be safe to assume that.

The General Hospital preview revealed that he will crash at one point, as Portia will do chest compressions on him. This will hit his brother Chase hard, as the two brothers have finally grown close after years of being estranged.

It also appears that Alex may not be done fighting yet. The General Hospital preview showed her conscious and crawling a step or two across the floor looking rough and desperate.

Anna is determined to ensure her sister can never hurt anybody again, and it seems likely this will be a fierce fight to the finish. Anna will surely come out on top, but will Alex really end up gone for good this time?

The sneak peek also teased emotional moments related to both Sasha and Nina, while Jordan and Curtis will have a big reaction when somebody surprises them. General Hospital spoilers hint that big developments are on the horizon, and viewers can’t wait to see what’s next.

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