‘NCAA Football 14’ Offering Offline Kinect Use

NCAA Football 14 is having details come out in dribs and drabs. While most of the information about the newest version of the long running series has to do with what’s in the actual game play, we are also getting information about how the game will actually be played.

Electronic Arts representatives have let slip that the Xbox 360 version of the game is going to be sporting offline controls that work through their Kinect system.

The motion capture system that has become quite popular over the last few years will not be able to be used in online leagues but there will apparently be ways to take on the computer when you are playing alone.

NCAA Football 14 has been making quite a big deal over the game play mechanics of this version of the series, bringing it more in line with what we have seen out of the Madden series.

Being able to use Kinect would take another step towards making the college football series that much more like the pro football series. Madden has passed its junior series in popularity because of the many more features and realism that series has to offer.

FIFA 13 has also included Kinect support before, so it is really nothing new that this would be getting brought to this particular series. What this does seem to show is that EA really does want to make their college football series uber popular again.

That is welcome news for fans of the series who have long felt that EA might be ignoring this series or at the very least taking it for granted a little too often.

Like Madden, EA reps say that the Kinect support for this particular series will be focused on pre-play voice control support. That means you will get to play the game like you really are the coach, telling your players to move pre-snap.

NCAA Football 14 is due out for the Xbox 360 and PS3 in July.

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