‘General Hospital’ Monday Spoilers: Robert And Valentin Face Off Over Anna

On Monday’s General Hospital, Anna Devane will be facing her twin Alex. When viewers last saw the sisters, they both had guns pointing at each other. In an effort to save a pregnant Maxie, the former WSB agent is facing great danger, and Valentin Cassadine seemingly wants to go make sure that she makes it out alive.

As The Inquisitr had previously detailed, the two women will be battling it out. At the end of Friday’s show, it looked like Anna had the upper hand, but that could all change pretty quickly. She had the chance to shoot her sister earlier in the week, but she chose to save Valentin’s life instead. Alex had a knife to his throat and threatened to kill him unless she threw the gun down — and that’s exactly what Anna did. Now Valentin has a chance to go save her, but he has to get through Robert Scorpio first.

The previews for Monday’s General Hospital teased that the men will be facing off. Valentin will be ready to walk out the door, but Robert will stop him. It seems obvious that Valentin is on a mission. He has shown how much he cares for Anna and he wants to make sure that she stays alive.

Anna has three men in her life that love her all in a different way. She is currently engaged to Hamilton Finn, who was just shot by Alex, and that means she wants revenge. She and Robert were in love years ago and they share a child together. They have a special bond that is unbreakable. Then there is Valentin whom she also shares a past with. Theirs is more of a love/hate relationship, but they do care for each other.

Many General Hospital fans have recently taken to social media to express how much chemistry they see between Valentin and Anna. They just survived a homemade bomb that Alex tried to kill them with. However, Anna is in love with Finn and they are planning a wedding. Still, this current danger could give him second thoughts.

Also on Monday’s show, Valentin is expected to meet up with Martin Grey once again, as spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicates. What will he want from the attorney?

There is supposed to be some type of emergency coming up this month that may involve these characters, as additional spoilers have teased. General Hospital fans are bracing themselves to see if anyone in Port Charles will end up hurt or worse.

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