David Bowie In ‘Hannibal’: Bryan Fuller Talks Dream Casting

David Bowie could join Hannibal if the show is picked up for a second season and creator and executive producer Bryan Fuller can get ol’ Ziggy Stardust to agree to it.

Fuller mentioned Bowie in a recent interview with Getty Images Entertainment, reported by IGN on Friday, noting that the singer would be a bit of “dream casting.”

“I guess my dream casting for the show would be to cast David Bowie as Hannibal Lecter’s uncle … If we get a second season I will reach out and see if there is any interest. NBC are saying that they’re very happy with where we are at so I hope that indicates towards a second season because I have a plan for season two that I think would be very exciting.”

A team-up of Mads Mikkelsen and David Bowie is exciting enough, but unfortunately, the comments didn’t go much beyond that. However, we do know that so far NBC hasn’t taken the bait, and they’ve got till at least June to pull the trigger.

(That’s when the thirteenth and final episode will air.)

Since the start of the season, Hannibal has gone from a 4.37 million average over the first two episodes to 3.5 million for episode three, according to a recent report from Zap2It.

While the news of a 20 percent drop may be worth an eyebrow-raise, we think it’s still too early to sound the alarm.

After all, the Boston Marathon bombings occurred on April 15 just a few days before the drop-off. And on the night of the broadcast, news broke of two suspects in the crimes — one eventually captured, the other killed — which dominated the nation’s attention.

Episodes four and five of the Hannibal Lecter-inspired drama aired on April 24 and 25, so it’s still too early to tell about the possibility of a ratings rebound.

Here’s a promo for the last two nights’ double-dip:

Have you had a chance to check out Hannibal? What do you think of a pairing between Mads Mikkelsen and David Bowie?

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