Monday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Has Julian Right Where He Wants Him

There was quite a bit of drama on Friday’s General Hospital. Many storylines are coming together, including Julian Jerome’s involvement with keeping baby Wiley’s true identity a secret for almost two years. The former mobster has been scrambling to try to make sure that Sonny Corinthos never finds out about his pact with Brad Cooper and later with Nelle Benson. However, things are about to blow up in his face after all.

Coming up on Monday, Sonny confronts Julian about the night that Nelle kidnapped Wiley from the Quartermaine mansion. The preview clip reveals that Ava shows up at Sonny’s to make sure her brother is okay after he was dragged by Jason to his house. In the General Hospital clip, Sonny tells Julian that he had better answer his questions right or he may not be walking out of there at all. Taggert spilled that Julian was the one who held a gun on Nelle ready to kill her on the docks until he showed up and stopped him. Now Sonny wants to know why he wanted to kill Nelle that night.

Spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicates that Julian will be confessing how dishonest he has been. Will he actually tell Sonny the truth, or will he try to lie his way out of his dire situation? If Sonny finds out that the man who he has considered his enemy for years knew all along that his grandson was still alive, he would surely take Julian out without a second thought.

Ryan Chamberlain is also still alive after he was stabbed before he could have the chance to tell Sonny about the confession that Nelle left him. It seems that one way or another the truth will eventually come out, and it will leave Sonny furious and revengeful.

This may all be leading up to either Julian going on the run or his demise. It appears that actor William deVry has left the soap for good after he posted on Twitter seemingly saying farewell to the General Hospital studio where they film. Rumors had been flying around recently that he and Emme Rylan were let go from the show, and his tweets lately have certainly hinted that this was all true.

That leaves the question as to whether Julian will be killed off soon or go into hiding to save his life. Ava had urged him on Friday to leave town, but Jason got to him first. General Hospital fans are anxious to see how Julian will squirm his way out of the mess he has made and if he will end up paying with his life.

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