‘Pulp Fiction’ Car Recovered 20 Years After It Was Stolen

Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction car has been recovered nearly two decades after the vehicle was stolen.

Authorities explained that the director’s classic ’65 Chevy was found after police arrested a classic car thief in Southern California.

Although the Pulp Fiction car was recovered from the suspect, it’s currently believed he wasn’t the individual who stole the vehicle. However, he has been accused of stealing quite a few other cars that were found in the same area.

Sources explained to TMZ that the Chevy’s VIN number had been changed. Despite the alteration, police are sure the car belongs to the Django Unchained director.

While attempts have been made to contact Quentin Tarantino about the recovered car, authorities have been unable to make contact with the filmmaker as of this writing.

The suspect who was in possession of the red ’65 Chevy will not be charged with stealing the famous Pulp Fiction car. Even if police managed to locate the person responsible for the crime, the statue of limitations has basically run out.

For those who don’t remember the vehicle in question, the car was driven by John Travolta in the filmmaker’s iconic crime drama. One scene in particular finds Travolta driving to a drug dealer’s house after Uma Thurman’s character overdoses on heroin.

This isn’t the first time something Tarantino-related has popped up in the news this week. The filmmaker’s bloody western Django Unchained was recently cleared for release in China after being unceremoniously yanked from theaters earlier this month.

Although Quentin Tarantino made changes to the movie in order to get past Chinese censors, apparently somebody forgot to remove scenes featuring full-frontal nudity. Once these offending moments were cut, the flick was added back to the release schedule.

Are you a fan of Quentin Taraninto’s Pulp Fiction? What do you think about the movie’s iconic car being recovered nearly 20 years after it was stolen?

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