‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Friday: Sam Gives Alexis A Strong Ultimatum

Alexis Davis is in bad shape and, on Friday’s General Hospital, things will get even worse for her. She has fallen off the wagon ever since Dr. Neil Byrne supposedly overdosed in her bed. Her loved ones are worried about her, but it’s her daughter, Sam McCall, who is now calling the shots.

In previews for Friday’s show, Sam confronts her mother, who once again appears to be drunk, about her obnoxious behavior. Alexis’ drinking has her lashing out at everyone, and Sam has been in the crossfire. Her mother is angry and won’t let anyone help her. That has led Sam to give her an ultimatum that may give Alexis something to think about. Spoilers from Soap Central tease she will be forced to make a choice, and the preview clip clearly indicates her two choices.

Sam tells her mom in the preview that she will never allow her two kids, Danny and Scout, to be around her ever again. Alexis has a hurt look on her face after what her daughter says.

Will something happen before their conversation that has Sam all riled up? It looks like she will give her mom the choice to continue as she has been and lose her family or clean up her act.

Alexis could very well put someone in danger during her drinking binges. Sam will not have her kids around her drunken mother and she makes that abundantly clear to her. The mother-daughter confrontation may be just the thing that will shape her up and get the help she needs to sober herself. If this doesn’t do it, then she may get an even worse eye-opener.

With Neil seemingly gone from the show, Alexis is free and single. Many fans were hoping there would be a hot reunion with her ex, Julian Jerome. However, that seems highly unlikely at this point as it looks like actor William deVry may have just filmed his last scenes. According to a previous report by The Inquisitr, he tweeted Thursday seemingly saying goodbye to the set with a picture of the outside of the building. Most viewers are not happy that he may have been let go. That also means there will be no Julian and Alexis reunion.

More General Hospital spoilers indicate the week of November 9 will have Ned Quartermaine paying a visit to Alexis. They hooked up for one night while they had both been drinking, and that has Ned scrambling to keep things under wraps so Olivia won’t find out about it. He is also concerned for Alexis and likely just wants to make sure she is OK. November sweeps is underway, and things in Port Charles are getting quite tense.

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