Portable Battery Powers Two Phones And A Tablet At The Same Time

The Helix is a new, pocket-sized battery that powers two phones and a tablet at the same time. It’s perfect for traveling with multiple gadgets that all need more power than the internal batteries can give you.

Made by Lenmar Enterprises, The Helix offers 11,000mAh of battery power distributed through three USB ports.

Two of the ports output 1 Amp each, which is ideal for charging a mobile phone. The third port has an output of 2.4 Amps for powering tablets like Apple’s iPad. The two lower powered ports are marked “Mobile Phone” and the more powerful port is marked “Tablet,” although you can use it to power or charge other USB devices.

A fully charged Helix can charge an iPad once (depending on the model of iPad). It can charge an iPhone up to seven times. It takes 8 hours to charge the backup battery using a 2.1A iPad charger connected via Mini USB cable.

The battery itself is a Lithium Polymer battery in a plastic and metal enclosure that measures 4.27 x 2.95 x 0.93 inches. It weighs just over half a pound.

A button on top lights up a series of LED lights to let you know how much power is stored in the battery. One light indicates 20 to 40 percent power remaining. Two indicates 40 to 60 percent. Three indicates 60 to 80 percent, and when all four lights are lit, you have 80 to 100 percent of power remaining.

The Helix has a power switch to preserve power when not in use and it is available now directly from Lenmar for $99.

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