CM Punk & Other Wrestling Personalities Drag Chris Jericho For Claiming He’s ‘Not A Political Person’

Chris Jericho has faced a lot of criticism on social media over a recent tweet he made about the presidential election. In the post, he claimed to not be a political person while questioning why no other election has taken this long to count the votes in the past.

CM Punk was one of the many critics who took to Twitter afterwards and responded to Jericho’s post. He shared a Spongebob Square Pants gif that’s commonly associated with laughing at stupidity on the internet.

The accompanying caption read “iM nOt A pOlItIcAl PeRsOn,” suggesting that he thought Jericho’s update was either stupid or false.

While Punk didn’t elaborate on his specific issues with Jericho’s tweet, it echoed the views of many fans and followers. As documented by Ringside News, Jericho allegedly donated thousands of dollars to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in recent months, which has resulted in the veteran receiving some backlash.

He also had Donald Trump Jr on his podcast a few months ago, which many critics interpreted as the wrestler endorsing his father’s re-election campaign. This was after he came out in support of Andrew Yang in 2019, indicating that he’s supported candidates from both sides of the aisle.

Punk’s tweet did lead to a divided response from his own followers, however. While many seemed to agree with his sentiment, some saw it as an opportunity to criticize “The Straight Edge Superstar” for his political beliefs, MMA career and wrestling legacy.

Of course, Punk wasn’t the only wrestler who took umbrage with Jericho’s comments. As documented by, some of Jericho’s peers criticized his post, though most of them pointed out how it’s not uncommon for the votes to take a while to be counted.

Some were respectful and informed him of how this type of lengthy process isn’t unusual. Others responded in a harsher manner.

“Winners on election night are always “projected winners.” And it’s based on clear cut evidence of a winner. This is a tight race, much like 2000. Only 20 years ago, we waited many WEEKS before a winner was declared. Not the 1st time,” tweeted Eli Drake.

Yeah super strange… you remember what it’s normally like during the other pandemics? Shut up Chris,” tweeted Peter Rosenberg.

MVP, Big Swole, Tucker and other performers weighed in on the matter too, highlighting “Le Champion’s” error. Lance Storm — who’s one of Jericho’s oldest friends — even took some time to correct him.

As of this writing, the votes are still being counted but Biden is ahead. As The Inquisitr reported earlier, Trump has tried to state otherwise by announcing false premature victories.

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