Producers Reportedly Eyeing New Niecy Nash Show To Replace Struggling ‘The Talk’

The ladies of The Talk might be looking for new jobs soon. Rumors that the daytime talk show could be getting the ax are flying. Apparently, things are getting so serious that producers at CBS are getting ready to see if the pilot for a new show hosted by Niecy Nash could be a good replacement for the time slot, The Sun reported. The network recently announced that it is shooting a new talk show with Niecy, and many have speculated that if her pilot gets picked up, it could mean the end of The Talk.

The show is struggling to establish itself in the rating wars after several recent casting changes. According to one insider, the staff is frustrated because they can’t seem to get their ratings up no matter what they do and are worried that they’ll lose their jobs. The insider revealed that they’re especially worried because axing the once-popular show could save the network some cash.

“Everyone is stressed out. One host would be much cheaper than five hosts, so it would be overall cheaper to produce,” an insider told The Sun.

Once the Niecy show is done filming, it is reportedly going to be considered as an alternative.

“It’s clear the writing is on the wall, and this show could replace The Talk,” the insider said.

“The goal is to have the pilot completed before January. After it’s shot it will be edited and shown to the network to see if they want it as a replacement for The Talk,” the source added.

Apparently, the network is hoping that the series will appeal to a new audience.

“Niecy’s recent marriage to a woman and late in life coming out story would be fascinating to viewers. CBS daytime has a lot of African American viewers and they may connect more with Niecy,” the insider said.

If the show isn’t picked up, another network could grab it, but CBS would be done with it.

The news came shortly after Eve announced that she was stepping away from the series, saying that it was too difficult to travel from England — where she lives with her husband, Maximillion Cooper — to California, as The Inquisitr reported. As England enters a second lockdown, traveling between the two countries will get even harder.

The co-hosts reportedly feel that the show is unstable now that the singer has left, but the absence may provide an opening for a new host to draw viewers.

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