Huge ‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Theo Wreaks Havoc On The Abbotts

Huge new The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Dina’s will is less than generous when it comes to Theo, once again leaving him feeling like an outsider. As the newest member of the family, he isn’t accepted as a real part of the Abbott/Meregeron group, causing him to lash out in anger. Actor Tyler Johnson recently dished on the painful storyline to Soap Opera Digest.

Nobody bothered to call Theo to let him know his grandmother Dina (Marla Adams) was dying, and he missed her final moments when the rest got to say a sweet goodbye. Jack (Peter Bergman) then had special jewelry made out of the Teardrop of Love necklace. He gave each person a piece, except for his newest nephew. That stung too, but Jack tried to play it off as honoring those who were there the night Dina died, which didn’t do much to improve the relationship.

Then, Kyle (Michael Mealor) had words with his cousin and told him that Dina never wanted his dad, which made him less a part of the Abbotts than everybody else. That didn’t sit well. At Dina’s memorial, he saved the day by livening things up with a song his grandmother loved, and that threw Kyle into a tailspin because he doesn’t trust his ex-friend-turned-cousin.

When it comes time to read Dina’s will, Theo is bequeathed nothing but a fountain pen, which leaves him heartbroken at not really being included in his grandmother’s legacy.

“Theo is hurt. Devastated. He won’t readily admit it, but he’s heartbroken by the exclusion. This is his way of staking his claim with the family. Legally, or not; morally, or not,” said Johnson.

He gets Brittany (Lauren Woodland) to help him fight Dina’s will. It’s a move that certainly won’t sit well with Jack, Kyle, Ashley (Eileen Davidson), or Traci (Beth Maitland), but he feels like an outsider, and it could mean bad things all around for the Abbotts. After relying on Jack to help ensure he was accepted, Theo is repeatedly disappointed. Now he no longer trusts his uncle to do the right thing.

“Theo is at a crossroads. We have yet to see what he’s truly capable of — both good and band. However, at the moment, the voice of chaos within has risen to a deafening din. This isn’t for lack of trying. Theo wants kinship and family, above all else. But he is quick to abandon this pursuit in favor of discord. Chaos is his second home — and Theo wants nothing if not to feel at home,” previewed the actor.

Given that Johnson recently tweeted that he was out at Y&R, it seems this storyline will have some lasting implications.

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