Spoilers For Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Julian Works With Ava As Sonny Meets With Ryan

Spoilers for Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital reveal that Julian Jerome will be feeling quite desperate. He wants to stay in Port Charles and keep his role in the Wiley baby swap under wraps. Unfortunately, it looks as if his luck is running out, and he’s scrambling to find options.

Cyrus Renault has been after Julian for a while because he wants to buy Charlie’s Pub from him. Up to this point, Julian has resisted the offer. However, the General Hospital sneak peek posted to Twitter on Wednesday morning suggests that the pub owner and former mobster might be ready to change course.

His sister, Ava Jerome, knows that Ryan Chamberlain reached out to Sonny Corinthos and asked for a meeting. This is likely a signal from Ryan that he’s on the verge of telling Sonny what he learned from the letter he got from Nelle Benson. Both Julian and Ava know that he’s not safe if Sonny learns the truth.

Ava tried to pull one over on Ryan to keep her brother safe, but her plan didn’t work. General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday reveal Sonny will manage to speak with Ryan.

The imprisoned serial killer will tell the mob boss he has crucial information. Will Ryan spill the beans or perhaps see how he can use it to his advantage to get something from Sonny?

Although this discussion between the two men will happen, General Hospital teasers note that Ava will try to intervene. She already attempted to talk Sonny out of making this visit. The sneak peek indicates that she’ll also try to get to Ryan before he can expose Julian. It seems, however, that she may run into some obstacles at Pentonville.

General Hospital teasers from Soap Central signal that Ava will cause chaos for herself as the week continues. She’s been desperate to help Julian without giving up her marriage to Nikolas. Unfortunately, her desperation hasn’t allowed her to handle Ryan’s demands effectively.

All signs point toward Ava and Julian coming to accept that she can’t save her brother from what’s ahead. Instead, they may reconsider Nikolas’ previous offer. Nik suggested that he could help Julian disappear, and it appears that this offer might end up being the best option available.

The buzz is that William deVry, who plays Julian, is soon leaving General Hospital. Spoilers signal that this next episode may be key to laying the groundwork for this departure and viewers will be quite anxious to see what’s yet to happen.

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