Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Alex Makes Plans & Portia Confronts Cyrus

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s episode indicate that tensions will be running high throughout Port Charles. Alex Marick is back in town and ready to shake things up, Peter August is facing bad news, and Dr. Portia Robinson is ready to stand up to Cyrus Renault.

As SheKnows Soaps noted, Portia has made it clear she has not been happy with the changes Cyrus has implemented at General Hospital. She already had a serious distaste for the mobster, and now she’s even warier of him. Teasers indicate that she won’t try to hide her feelings when she encounters him during the November 3 episode.

The sneak peek for Tuesday’s show reveals that Portia will challenge Cyrus to fire her for insubordination. He surely won’t do that, but he may soon find another way to cause her to regret being so outwardly defiant of him.

Portia won’t be done with her confrontations yet, by the sounds of things. Later this week, it’s Jordan who will be the target of her anger. General Hospital teasers suggest that viewers will be seeing a fair amount of Portia in the coming weeks, and she won’t be backing down from anybody.

There is also a lot ahead with Anna and Alex’s situation. Last week, viewers watched as Anna was surprised and then knocked out by her twin sister, Alex. In addition, Anna got the test results that would seem to confirm that Peter is Alex’s son, not hers.

What does Alex plan to do next? Fans saw her handing out candy for Halloween as if she were Anna, and the sneak peek suggests that she will feel gleeful over figuring out the perfect next step.

Will Alex hide Anna away and impersonate her sister in the days ahead? This wouldn’t be the first time she went that route and many General Hospital fans have speculated it would be happening again this fall.

Alex might not be as successful at pulling this off this time, though. Finn, Robert, and Valentin all know that Anna has been worried about her sister and that lives could be at stake as the two sisters try to take one another down.

General Hospital spoilers hint that Valentin will be finding himself caught off-guard and curious about things in the days ahead. He was with Anna just ahead of her confrontation with Alex, and it’s known he’ll cross paths with Peter during Tuesday’s episode. He may ultimately be integral to how this all proceeds.

Anna will apparently be feeling desperate this week, and Robert will be too late in some regard. Anna and Finn’s wedding is supposed to happen soon, and General Hospital teasers signal that this Alex chaos could cause a lot of problems heading into this long-awaited event.

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