Courtney Hope Discusses Sally’s Redemption On ‘The Young And The Restless’

Courtney Hope recently discussed Sally Spectra’s redemption on The Young and the Restless with TV Line. Sally left The Bold and the Beautiful in disgrace after she faked an illness and kidnapping to keep her lie safe, and she now hopes to find a new start in Genoa City.

Hope will bring Sally to Y&R on Tuesday, November 3. It has been several months since she left Los Angeles, and she will look up Lauren Fenmore (Tracey Bregman) when she gets into town. The designer met Lauren several years ago through her namesake great-aunt, who is enjoying life on the beach somewhere but manages to keep in touch with her contacts.

Interestingly, Hope did not know that the writers at Y&R planned to write Sally into the storylines. The actress revealed that her agent called her to see if she was interested in joining the soap, and she immediately said yes.

Hope revealed that she is thrilled to continue telling Sally’s story since she believes that her on-screen alter-ego had so much more to say.

“I love the fact that it’s Sally. If they’d had another character in mind, that would have been OK, too. That being said, there was so much left unsaid with Sally. I really wanted to explore that, especially in a new place around new people. She’s in a new city, and she’s forming new relationships. Does she bring her past with her? Does she leave it behind?” the actress explained.

The feisty redhead chose to move to a new place so that she can get a brand new start. Sure, Lauren knows her, and Jack (Peter Bergman) is familiar with her reputation. However, they are not aware of all the baggage she had that caused her to leave L.A.

Hope also said that she spoke with Y&R head writer Josh Griffith and his staff about Sally’s back story. She noted that they are interested in ensuring that the character’s history remains consistent between the shows.

“I definitely want to honor where they take Sally,” she said,

The great thing about a fresh setting means that the character gets a second chance. Because the two CBS daytime dramas have a history of crossover storylines, there is even a possibility that someday she will return to L.A., or somebody from there will show up in a storyline in Genoa City. This could mean the designer has the opportunity to prove how much she’s grown.

“Sally’s past is still a big part of her… There’s a lot of redemption that can happen,” said Hope.

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