‘This Is Us’ Fans Appear To Be Divided Over Randall’s Actions As The Show Heads Into Its Third Episode

This Is Us fans appear to be divided over the actions of the main character of Randall Pearson in the comments section of a new Instagram post as the show heads into the third episode of its latest season. The series’ two-hour debut on October 27 ended with not only a cliffhanger but a blunt explanation of how some of society’s most pressing and current subjects, including the coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter social movement, had affected Randall. However, it appeared that some viewers took issue with the way Randall, portrayed by Sterling K. Brown, had dealt with these troubling topics and his fractured relationship with brother Kevin (Justin Hartley) in the first two episodes.

The series posted a flashback photograph to its Instagram page of Randall as he entered the bedroom of his daughter Annie. He smiled in the snap. He wore a blue, V-necked T-shirt and dark pants as he walked into the peach-toned room that featured a white door with a gold letter A. In the caption, This Is Us reminded fans that a new episode would air soon and referred to the upcoming Thanksgiving season, Randall’s favorite time of year.

Fans voiced their concerns regarding the way they believed Randall had changed in the comments section of the post.

“Randall’s character is on my nerves. Plus why are they using negativity, they are portraying his character as if he suffered growing up, which is quite the opposite,” penned one fan.

“Agreed, he’s an extremely privileged character in a tv show. The show is This Is Us, not This is Randall,” remarked a second viewer.

“Totally agree, he’s on my nerves too. Very annoying character. They should focus on others and not only Randall,” shared a third Instagram user.

Another fan agreed with the aforementioned comments and added that This Is Us used to be one of their favorite dramas, but at the moment, they were not impressed and were hopeful it would get “better.”

A fourth fan appeared to have opposite emotions as they viewed the first two episodes.

“Loving how current this is!! Brilliantly portrayed with the complexity of relationships, dementia, COVID, and black lives matter! Only 2 shows in and looking forward to this season!” claimed a viewer.

This Is Us will return with a new episode on November 10 titled “Changes.” In a new preview seen on Television Promos, Kate and Toby’s adoption journey, as well as Kevin and Madison’s engagement and Beth navigating her daughter Tess’s social media mistake, will be featured.

This Is Us will not air in its regular time slot on Tuesday, November 3 due to coverage of the presidential election on NBC.

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