‘Counting On’ Star Jason Duggar Shows Support For Huge ‘Trump Train’ In Arkansas

The stars of TLC’s Counting On seem to be gearing up for election day in just two days. The Duggar family are ultra-conservative, so it’s not a huge surprise that they have thrown their full support for President Donald Trump. In a short video clip that Jason Duggar shared on his Instagram stories on Saturday, it looked like there were many others who were out and about showing who will have their vote this week.

The 20-year-old Duggar son took to the social media platform to post what he called the “Trump train” that was headed through their town in Arkansas. In the clip, which can be seen here, Jason talked about how awesome and super-cool it was to be a part of it. He swerved the camera around to show the many vehicles that drove by in his area.

Horns were heard blaring consistently as he was talking. He indicated that he thought that there were around 700 people out there showing their support for Trump. The long line of cars and trucks were adorned with various Trump signs and plenty of flags as well.

Jason wore a dark-colored shirt and jacket, as well as a matching cap on his head. He also sported a pair of aviator-style sunglasses as he filmed the action. At one point, he swerved his camera around to a white truck that was parked behind him. It may have been his own vehicle, or someone in his family, but there was a close-up shot of the huge Trump sign that was plastered across the front of the truck.

The reality star mentioned how wild it was out there, but he also said that it was “a lot of fun.” He also added a “Vote Red” emoji, as well as a cartoon version of a dancing Trump across the top as he spoke.

The Duggars have previously supported many Republican candidates in the past and have also been involved in politics themselves. Jim Bob and Michelle’s son, Jed Duggar, 21, is currently running for a seat in the Arkansas House of Representatives. Jim Bob had also held that same position in 1999.

In October, Jason’s older sister, Jana Duggar, created some controversy after she shared a video of brother James working his art magic. He used a weed cutter to carve out “Trump 2020” in the yard of the family’s home in Tontitown, Arkansas. Their support for the president was on display. Many fans loved it, but others chided Jana for supporting Trump.

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