WWE’s Charlotte Flair Stuns In Skintight Catwoman Costume As She Pins Fiancé Andrade To The Ground

WWE superstar Charlotte Flair took to Twitter on Halloween and shared a picture of herself up dressed as Catwoman, delighting many of her 1.8 million followers in the process.

In the snap, Flair pinned her husband-to-be, and fellow WWE star, Andrade to the ground. He donned a Batman costume as the couple continued to showcase their passion for cosplaying comic book icons.

The pair were lying down on a concrete path in what appeared to be an alleyway. A brick wall was visible in the background, adding a dark and dingy comic book sensibility to the snap.

Flair wore a black skintight PVC costume that was peppered with white cross stitches. The Monday Night Raw star also paid homage to Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman character in Batman Returns. She quoted the film’s “seven lives” line in the accompanying caption.

The WWE superstar also rocked bright-red lipstick, which matched the nail polish on her fingers. Flair used her left hand to pin Andrade down as she gave him a serious stare.

Andrade was lying with his arms by his sides. He looked up at his fiance, staring into her eyes. The former United States Champion was only identifiable because of his facial hair.

Many of Flair’s fans flocked to the comments section and showed their appreciation for the recreation of the iconic scene.

Many of them were clearly fans of Tim Burton’s gothic blockbuster and the DC Comics stories it’s based on, as they shared stills and GIFs pertaining to them.

Several followers complimented the blond bombshell on her appearance, and some of them even suggested that she should play the female super villain on the big screen at some point.

“Great costumes. You would make an excellent Catwoman. Love all the Michelle Pfeiffer inspired looks,” tweeted one fan.

“That is one lucky Batman,” noted a second Twitter user.

“The way you’ve just given Michelle Pfeiffer a run for her money,” tweeted a third admirer.

As of this writing, the upload has gained over 500 retweets and 4,000 likes. While the couple both play heels on television, it’s clear that they are fan favorites on social media.

This year’s Halloween also marked Flair and Andrade’s latest outing dressed up as popular DC Comics personalities. As documented by ComicBook, they donned Harley Quinn and Joker outfits in 2019.

The image was the latest Flair snap to delight her supporters this week. As The Inquisitr previously documented, she posed for some leggy pictures a few days ago.

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