Jennifer Love Hewitt ‘X Factor’ Rumors Pure Speculation, Says Rep

Jennifer Love Hewitt may — or may not — be joining the X Factor panel. It isn’t entirely clear what qualifications the Ghost Whisperer star may have to judge a singing competition, but she has two obvious arguments in her favor that make her pretty easy on the eyes if not the ears.

Although the 34-year-old actress does list singer/songwriter in her resumé, her releases mostly haven’t made the charts despite her television acting fame that goes back to the 1990s era Party of Five. Her 2002 BareNaked climbed to a not-too-impressive 37 on the Billboard 200 — and that’s the popular one.

The rumors that Jennifer Love Hewitt has caught Simon Cowell’s eye as a potential X Factor judge seem to go back to an unnamed source at US Weekly. “Simon is very interested,” the source reportedly said.

Well, maybe he is and maybe he isn’t. Could be that he’s even testing the rumor to see if the world breaks out in general mockery at the very idea of Hewitt judging anyone else’s singing talent.

An equally unnamed X Factor rep told The Huffington Post that it was all a lot of hot air. With unpopular Britney Spears off the panel, along with L.A. Reid, Cowell has to hire somebody to fill those slots.

But it’s “all just speculation. No decisions have been made about the panel. Simon and Demi [Lovato] are the only judges confirmed on the panel so far.”

HuffPost also gives Hewitt cred for being what they call a teen-age pop star in Japan in the 90s. OK maybe.

The whole debate gave Perez Hilton the opportunity to be witchy: “We mean, we wouldn’t doubt it if Simon was interested in her cleavage but one good single does not a musical judge make!!”

And that’s giving her credit that the single was actually good. I’m not prepared to go that far.

What do you think? Is Jennifer Love Hewitt right for The X Factor?

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