Chanel West Coast Rocks Pigtails And Strikes A Playful Pose In Chucky Halloween Costume

Chanel West Coast took a creepy horror movie character and gave him a cute makeover for one of her fun Halloween costumes. On Saturday, the “No Plans” singer shared a photo of her look inspired by Chucky, a possessed doll who was first introduced in the 1988 film Child’s Play.

In the film, the soul of psychotic serial killer Charles Lee Ray (Brad Dourif) gets transferred into the plastic body of a grinning, redheaded “Good Guy” doll. He begins calling himself Chucky, and the doll’s once-friendly face twists into a scary scowl. However, the look on Chanel’s face was more sultry and naughty than sinister and deranged as she sassily posed in her costume.

Her outfit included a pair of denim overall shorts with bright red buttons affixed to the straps. The Good Guys logo was embroidered on the chest pocket. The bottoms of the legs were rolled up to reveal a lot of thigh. Underneath the garment, Chanel wore a multicolored striped shirt with long sleeves. She also had on a pair of white over-the-knee stockings and Nike Air Jordan 1 sneakers. The shoes featured blue, red, and white accents that perfectly coordinated with her shirt.

The Ridiculousness star wore her long, glossy hair styled with a neat center part. Her locks were pulled up in high pigtails, which were secured with crimson ribbons tied in bows. It looked like she had added some red color to her dark tresses to better portray Chucky. Her pigtails were curled at the ends, and they were so long that one of them reached her upper thigh. She teasingly held the other in her hand.

Chanel stood at the top of a stairwell with concrete steps. The wood panel wall behind her had a tattered piece of white fabric hanging on it, which was likely part of a Halloween decoration. An orange jack-o’-lantern with an angry face drawn on it sat beside her on the ground, and two smaller pumpkins had been placed nearby on the steps. She struck a saucy pose by bending forward, lifting her left foot up, and cocking her hip.

In her caption, Chanel quoted the Child’s Play movie and directed her fans to her new lyric video on YouTube, which can be watched here. It included spooky visuals that were perfect for Halloween, including ghosts, dancing skeletons, spiders, and scenes from classic horror flicks. The song Chanel chose to promote was also an excellent choice: “Trick,” featuring Porcelain Black.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Chanel showed off a much different costume based on a movie character on Friday night. In a set of two photos, she modeled a skimpy pink outfit inspired by the fembots in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

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