Justin Bieber And Scooter Braun Blast ‘Rumors’ And Lies, Unspecifically

Justin Bieber has had enough. Again. On Thursday, the teen superstar took to the social media site Twitter to express his frustration at media reporting on his personal life.

Currently on his extensive Believe world tour, the Canadian teen posted a short message in the early hours of April 25, tweeting:

“Some of the rumors about me… where do people even get this stuff. Whatever… back to the music,” Bieber wrote to his 0ver 38 million followers.

The beleaguered pop star’s next tweets read: “I love music” and “I love lamp.”

The 19-year-old’s tweet came just hours after news broke that a Swedish police search of his tour bus in Stockholm yielded a small amount of drugs and a stun gun on Wednesday.

Police spokesman Lars Bystrom confirmed that a search of the empty tour bus took place while the singer was onstage at the city’s Globen Arena, after officers previously smelled marijuana coming from inside the bus while it was parked at Bieber’s hotel.

Bystom added that they have no suspects and no-one had been arrested. He declined to identify the the drug, but said it had been sent to a laboratory for analysis.

According to reports, no-one will be charged as the bus was empty at the time of the search.

It’s unclear whether Bieber’s “rumours” tweet is referring to the tour bus drug raid, or whether he’s complaining about the multiple stories written about him, particularly in the last two months.

Gut says it’s the latter. Aside from the lighter entertainment debate on whether the tattoo-loving star has resumed his relationship with Selena Gomez, or been inked with a tattoo that resembles her, there are more recent damaging stories circulating.

First, Bieber’s reported decision to let German authorities place his pet monkey in a home after it was removed from the singer’s possession by Munich customs officials last month, triggered a rash of “abandonment” headlines by outlets.

Secondly, seeing as the Anne Frank furor has finally abated, the next red circle on the singer’s list is very possibly Radar Online’s recent story which claimed he threw a “temper tantrum” at an Elizabeth Arden photo shoot in Copenhagen last week.

The outlet went on to quote an “insider,” who said:

“After showing up six hours late, Justin threw a temper tantrum because they wanted him to wear a bell boy hat — but he refused.”

“This kid is quickly is quickly getting a reputation as someone that no one wants to work with. It was disgraceful.”

The story has been roundly refuted by Bieber’s representatives as “B.S,” with a further dismissal stating that the singer was “on time” and that it was a “great shoot.”

A spokesperson for Elizabeth Arden also told Gossip Cop the shoot was “very productive.”

The photo shoot story is possibly the motivation for manager, Scooter Braun’s, cryptic tweet yesterday. Braun wrote:

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” ~Winston Churchill.”

It’s also been claimed that Justin was rude to restaurant staff while dining out with Gomez at an “upscale restaurant” in Stockholm.

A source, unnamed naturally, said the singer “couldn’t be bothered” to tip the waiter, even though their meal was free.

“It was very low class and just disrespectful. Selena acted like a true lady, but Justin acted like an entitled punk,” the source added, helpfully.

Inevitably, no other substantiation was provided.

Meanwhile, Bieber’s arch nemesis, otherwise known as TMZ, have breathlessly updated their original story on the tour bus drug bust. The website writes:

“Bieber had been seen with his pal Lil Za in the hours before the weed incident… and FYI, Za is the guy who was seen smoking pot with Bieber at an L.A. home earlier this year.”

The implication is that the similarly onesie-wearing Za and/or the singer were the owners of the as yet unidentified drug found on the tour bus. We’ll probably never know the answer to that and it’s clear the Swedish police aren’t especially interested either.

On the other hand, on January 4, pictures of the “Boyfriend” idol, Lil Za and Lil Twist smoking what looked like a blunt surfaced online, so there’s that.

Bieber is currently in Helsinki, Finland. The singer is set to perform at the city’s Hartwall Arena tonight.

The chronicles continue.

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