Lady Gaga Shows Off Series Of Previous Looks For Video Encouraging Fans To Vote

Lady Gaga sported many of her most iconic looks in one video to urge her fans to vote in the 2020 presidential election.

The pop star first wore a short metallic outfit with curled, yellow hair reminiscent of her performances after the album The Fame.

“We need to talk,” she began, reminding viewers the election is almost here.

The singer applauded those who already voted and then transformed into a look resembling the one she wore in 2008’s “Just Dance” music video, wearing a long, platinum blond wig and electric blue leotard with cutouts on the side.

In a bedazzled, high-necked leotard and matching boots reminiscent of her 2017 Super Bowl performance ensemble, she then spoke about the reasons why people might not believe in voting: not liking either candidate, being frustrated by COVID-19 measures, or feeling discouraged by the state of the nation overall.

“The government is not going away tomorrow,” she reminded fans, telling them that unless they had a plane ticket to another country where they could live, America was going to be their home for the next four years.

“Your future is still in your hands with this vote,” Gaga stated, dressed in a cut-off T-shirt, jeans, and a pink cowboy hat similar to her Joanne album-era costume.

The singer also wore curly black hair and a shimmering dress in honor of her Cheek to Cheek duets album with Tony Bennett, and a brunette wig with sunglasses and a red flannel shirt.

“Vote in honor of someone you love,” she said, before urging people to think of the future voices who will be affected by this outcome.

Finally, Gaga donned her controversial meat dress from the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards with long, blonde-and-blue hair.

“Let’s be real, you know who I voted for,” she quipped, reminding fans once again that Tuesday is their last shot to vote.

“I may have seemed to shift and change,” Gaga said, referring to the many outfits and wigs she had worn not just throughout the clip, but also over the course of her career.

“But one thing that has never changed is my voice and what I believe,” she said, ending by challenging viewers to make their own voices heard.

Gaga posted a clip of her casting her own ballot recently, as The Inquisitr reported. The musician dressed for the occasion in a gray sweatshirt and glittery, chunky heels — but no pants — as she posed with an official ballot drop box.

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