WWE News: ‘Monday Night Raw’ Superstar Gets Name Change & Reported ‘Serious’ Character Makeover

As documented by Ringside News, Matt Riddle is the latest WWE superstar to receive a name change from Vince McMahon. From now on, he’ll simply be known by his surname.

The article suggested that the reason for the moniker change is that the chairman wants to portray the former UFC star in a more “serious” light moving forward. This update was originally reported by Fightful Select.

As the report highlighted, McMahon was supposedly so impressed with Riddle’s performance in his match against Sheamus on Monday Night Raw that he congratulated both superstars after the bout. As a result, the boss is reportedly keener to push Riddle, despite recent reports suggesting otherwise.

As The Inquisitr documented, Riddle’s momentum was stalled earlier this month as McMahon reportedly felt that he wasn’t ready for the main event. While he’s supposedly a fan of “The King of Bros,” he supposedly wasn’t firmly behind strapping the rocket to his back at the time.

The above report highlighted that Riddle still needs to convince some officials that he can handle more responsibilities. The superstar’s name change and character makeover could be the next step in his journey to the top, and he himself is a fan of the latest developments.

Ringside News pointed out that Riddle likes the idea of being presented in a more serious manner. He also took to Twitter earlier today to reveal that he’s a fan of his new moniker.

“People it’s okay I’ve been called Riddle most my life, I actually prefer it and it’s my real last name.”

Some of the wrestler’s followers fear for his future following the news of his forename being taken away, however.

“When they slash your name, that’s the sign you are not a main event player. You are now another cartoonish midcard character. Look across the main event landscape,” tweeted one follower.

The social media user then listed several top talents who have kept their complete ring names, suggesting that Riddle isn’t viewed on the same level as the likes of AJ Styles, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

Another Twitter user revealed that the latest creative decision will just take some time to get used to, but they’ll come around eventually.

“I hate this one. I’m assuming [one] year from now, ‘Matt Riddle’ will sound just as weird as Antonio Cesaro or Elias Samson.”

Last week, it was also revealed that Lars Sullivan could be set to receive a new ring name on Friday Night SmackDown.

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