Nicole Franzel Likely Would Have Beaten Cody Calafiore In A Final Two, According To Juror’s Revelations

Cody Calafiore is $500,000 richer after making possibly one of the best decisions of his life. The New Jerseyan made the difficult choice of evicting Nicole Franzel after he won the final Head of Household (HOH) of the season. That put himself and Enzo Palumbo in the final two, which ended with Cody winning by a unanimous vote from the jury. However, if he had taken Nicole to the end, he might have lost, as suggested by one of the jurors.

Da’Vonne Rogers was a guest on Rob Has a Podcast on October 29, where she spilled some behind-the-scenes tea. A Twitter user shared a clip of the podcast on their feed, where Da’Vonne revealed that it definitely would not have been a clean sweep for Cody if Nicole was sitting next to him. You can watch the footage here.

“If it were Nicole and Enzo, Nicole would have won,” Da’Vonne said. “If it were Nicole and Cody, Cody would have won but it wouldn’t have been by a unanimous vote.”

Da’Vonne then said that some people in the jury felt that if Nicole made it to the end as a former winner, she deserved to win again solely based on that fact. This was briefly discussed in the jury roundtable, with several jurors noting it would be an impressive feat.

When asked how things would have broken down if they played out this way, Da’Vonne revealed the four houseguests she believed would have given their keys to the BB18 winner.

“I know Memphis [Garrett] kept saying he wanted her to win,” Da’Vonne explained. “I’m pretty sure Christmas [Abbott] would have voted for her. Kevin [Campbell] was very adamant about voting for her, and I think David [Alexander] would have even voted for her too.”

This would have been four votes for the Michigan native, with five being the magic number to win. What Da’Vonne didn’t know was that Enzo revealed in a separate interview today that he would have voted for Nicole if Cody had cut him at the final. The man referred to as “Meow Meow” admitted he would have been a bitter juror this season and he would have hurt his “boy” if his alliance member hurt him first.

Da’Vonne wasn’t 100 percent certain about who would vote for Nicole, with four other jurors not mentioned in her interview. Dani Briones was close with both her former alliance members and her hypothetical choice is still a mystery. Ian Terry was adamant about voting for the best player, and his decision would have come down to speeches, as he mentioned at the round table. Tyler Crispen likely would have chosen Cody as the two were close all season long.

The finale would have likely been more exciting, to say the least, if Nicole and Cody sat together at the end. However, it’s something the latter isn’t worrying about today.

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