WWE News: Former Superstar Claims He Almost Had A Ku Klux Klan Gimmick

In a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, by way of Fightful, former WWE superstar Chavo Guerrero Jr. said that he almost had a Ku Klux Klan gimmick during his time in the company.

The former superstar revealed that he pitched the idea to Vince McMahon after he accepted the Kerwin White moniker, which saw Guerrero portray a stereotypical caucasian male on television in 2005.

Since he had to reject his Hispanic heritage as a result, he wanted to go all-in with the heel persona to get more heat from the fans.

“The Hispanics hated me because I was denouncing my Mexican heritage. The whites (hated me) because I was making fun of them. I had everyone hating me and a true heel wants everyone to hate him. I told Vince, ‘I want to come out in a white sheet.’ He was like, ‘Yes, I love it.’ Never ended up doing that, it got too risky and racist.”

When asked to elaborate on the KKK idea, Guerrero revealed that he came up during an era in wrestling where heels strived to get as much heat possible. He revealed that he wanted to anger the fans so much that he’d have to fight his way backstage every night.

Guerrero also opened up about why he agreed to portray the character, even though he didn’t feel comfortable with denouncing his heritage. According to the former superstar, it was either that or nothing.

“I had two options. Either say ‘no’ and possibly go on the back burner for a while or get fired, or say, ‘Alright, let’s do it.'”

In the end, Guerrero didn’t play the character for very long. His uncle, Eddie Guerrero, passed away shortly after he adopted the moniker. This resulted in Guerrero returning to his original character in order to celebrate his uncle’s legacy.

During his time as White, Guerrero acted as Dolph Ziggler’s golf caddy and drove a golf cart to the ring. He had dyed blond hair and wore sweaters, all the while pretending to be a middle-class Anglo-American conservative.

While he didn’t end up becoming a KKK member as part of the storyline, Guerrero’s persona at the time was racially insensitive. He made suggestive remarks about performers who came from minority backgrounds, most notably during his feud with Shelton Benjamin.

The company hasn’t shied away from controversial gimmicks in the past, and ideas for them still get discussed backstage. As The Inquisitr recently documented, there were rumors of the Nation of Domination faction being brought back earlier this year.

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